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Texas Team

We’re a big dysfunctional family (only we can leave at five o’clock)

Navigating in this industry requires a team that can quickly adapt to our ever-changing industry. It also takes an intuitive understanding of what we do on a daily basis to make things happen. We thrive in a team environment, where we challenge each other to keep pushing forward. We understand egos won’t move the market – our hard work will.

Take a minute to enjoy the people that make up the GIX family. It’s a family composed of preps, hipsters, dweebs, bikers, dog-lovers, parents, athletes, and a lot more. We’ve composed an interesting set of people that keep our work interesting and lives less boring. You could say we’re pretty damn cool.

Freight Managers

Andrew Craig Team Lead 308-398-8583 308-398-9583

Andrew was an intern before he came on full-time to join the GIX family. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in supply chain management. Andrew is known as the consistent guy in the office. He does what’s asked of him and he gets it done. He might be classified as the most normal in the office, but there’s always the possibility that there’s something we don’t know. He’s also a self-proclaimed jerk, but none of us believe him because he’s just too nice.

Most likely to be the most normal in the office. Yeah, being normal is a big thing around here.

If the world was about to end you would?
Put my toes in the water, ass in the sand, and have cold beer in my hand.

What you think you do at work?
Take that one random call that covers a load that a broker has been struggling on.

What do you think you’re most known around the office for?
Pissing Carmen off.

What’s something interesting about you?
My ability to not be very interesting.

What’s your stance on cheesy bread?
Heavenly, if it’s made by an Italian grandmother.

Who would you let punch you directly in the face in our office & why?
Wendy or Carmen, just because they’ve earned at least one free shot.

Describe Mike Young in one word?

Chloe Goodwin Freight Manager 308-398-8591 308-398-9591

Kansas native, turned Nebraska girl. Coincidence that Chloe Goodwin grew up in Goodland, KS? I think not! Our relationship with Chloe first started in the fall of 2016 at the UNK career fair. In January 2017 she joined us as an intern, and upon graduation in May, she committed to a full-time role with us. It was clear from day one that Chloe belonged on Team 1. You can find her joking with Joyce, chatting with Wendy, or searching for a GIF to send out to the office with Toni. If you don't notice her shining smile, you'll for sure notice her mile-long eyelashes. No seriously, you should see her eyelashes. They are the kind that most would have to glue on, except hers are natural, dark, long, perfectly curled, and B-E-A-utiful! CGoodwin from Goodland, we are happy to have you. 

Most likely to be Dorthy for Halloween every year. 

How do you cope with a crazy driver? 

Probably just cry. 

What was your first impression of GIX? 

This place is too cool for me. 

Any weird obsessions? Collect anything? Weird shoe size? Let your demons out...

I wear a size 5 shoe, I LOVE stale popcorn, and I hate strawberries. 

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Ballerina. Still do. 

If you were a mixed drink, what would you be? 

A dirty Shirley. Sassy and pink. 

Do you think if you lost all of your teeth you'd just eat healthy smoothies or would you, like, grind up chicken nuggets? 

This is actually my biggest fear. I can't even comment. 

Bennett Steele Freight Manager 308-398-8592 309-398-9592

Meet Bennett. After finishing his Spring internship with us and graduating from UNK in May of 2017 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and an emphasis in Supply Chain Management, Bennett decided to take his job with us to full-time status. Since transitioning, he’s taken freight by storm and moves, on average, 50 loads per week. A fun fact for you is that Bennett grew up in Gibbon (Go Buffs!) and has known Bailee since junior high school, due to her small town being just down the road. If Bennett isn’t at the office, he is helping on the farm, cruising the countryside, or working on his monster truck. I’m not even kidding you when I say this, he legitimately drives a monster truck as his daily vehicle; just wait until you see it! And if for some reason you miss seeing the truck, you’ll hear it when he honks his train horn or has rap music blaring. No surprise that some of his friends in the office call him ‘BWheezy’. Bennett is hardworking in and out of the office and really knows how to ‘work hard and play harder’. Adding another UNK Supply Chain Student to our roster was a decision well made.

Most likely to be the next Lil Wayne

What do you love about GIX?

The chaos and the teamwork. Everyone is motivated to get the job done.

What’s something interesting about you?

I don’t know, I guess I drive a pretty boss truck!

How passionate are you about chicken nuggets?

I can eat 2, 20-piece nuggets easily, if that answers your question.

What was your first impression of GIX?

Holy s***, this is a lot more complicated than I thought.

How many days do you wear the same pants in a row before it becomes, like, a problem?

Until someone notices

Anastacia Ishchuk Freight Manager

Nothing like a quick move from Texas to Nebraska to complete training, only to turn around and move back to Texas in a matter of months. When we first met Anastacia, we knew she was unique and would be a good fit within our office. After months of phone calls, emails, and interviews (whenever we were in Texas recruiting), we finally locked her into a full-time position as a Freight Manager for our Texas office. She is our first, and certainly won’t be our last, Texan to join the GIX Team and she isn’t even technically a true Texan. Anastacia was born in Iowa but spent the majority of her young adult life in Russia and Germany (her parents are still in Germany) before moving back to the states for college. Speaking of college, she is a recent graduate from Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, TX where she majored in Finance. Not only is she well-traveled, but she is also well spoken; she speaks fluent Russian, basic German, basic Ukrainian, and English.

What do you love about GIX?

The laidback atmosphere and lack of micromanagement

What is something interesting about you?

I speak Russian fluently

List 5 words that describe you.

Genuine, reliable, adventurous, creative, optimistic

Biggest pet peeve?

People who don’t turn the sound off on their cell phone keyboard and wobbly tables, yuck!

What is something no one knows about you?

I’ve been to over 15 countries

If you were a mixed drink, what would you be?

Cherry vodka sour

Jack Lydiatt Freight Manager

Jack is one of the most soft-spoken kids we’ve ever met. Well, he was at first anyway, now he is off being a crazy, negotiating, Freight Manager for us while he sports his newest Savage Ruthless gear. His summer internship in 2017 really eased him into the craziness that is GIX and we were just as surprised (and excited) as the next guy when Jack accepted our full-time job offer in May of 2018 after his graduation from the University of Nebraska at Kearney. Jack played football for UNK all throughout college and although a shoulder injury ultimately ended his football career he is still a proud Loper!  If Jack isn’t in the office, you can find him back home in Colorado Springs, CO or hanging on the banks of Lake McConaughy in Western Nebraska with his friends and family. His big move down south to Texas this fall will be a change of scenery, but we are sure he will come to love the Lonestar state too.

Favorite Sports Team & Why?

Nuggets / Rockies / Broncos because I was raised in Colorado.

What was your first impression of GIX?

Their excitement about the future of the company got me excited.

Celebrity crush growing up?


Biggest pet peeve?

Angry hikers

Who would you let punch your directly in the face in our office & why?

I believe Caleb would do the least amount of damage, so I’ll choose him.

What is something no one knows about you?

I love Avril Levigne


Jeffrey Olson Senior Sales Representative 308-398-8565 308-398-9565

Jeffrey is busy taking on a variety of roles in the office. He began working with us after graduating with a bachelor’s in business administration with an emphasis in marketing. We typically say he has a lot of closeted talents that lead to big upsets in office games, and big office changes. You wouldn’t guess it because he never dresses down and you’ll never catch him wearing sweat pants. He’s pretty talented at ping pong, tennis, and volleyball. We would even say he could play ping pong against a wall and still win. Most people don’t take him as the athletic type, but deep down there’s a really competitive side. With that competitive side, he’s made big gains in the sales department and started taking on some creative projects for the company. We’re just never surprised by the plethora of talents he possesses.

Most likely to be late to his own funeral.

If the world was about to end you would?
Try to get a selfie with Kim K.

What you think you do at work?
I basically try to get ahold of people who are about as hard to get in contact with as what I’d imagine the President to be.

What do you think you’re most known around the office for?
Wearing Birkenstocks at the GIX Golf Invitational.

What was your first impression of GIX?
The logic test that made me think so hard, I almost didn’t know if I should continue with the application process.

What 5 hashtags best describe anything GIX?
#superfun #seizetheday #makeithappen #tigerwoodswannabes #wegetmailedpoopbags

One thing GIX could do to make your day easier?
If they could please reinstate the instant messenger feature in our computer system that’d be great and change the channel to something other than ESPN.

Have you ever ate/drank something out of the GIX fridge that wasn’t yours? If so, confess now you savage…
No, but I’ve definitely fallen victim to some sticky fingered savages.

JACKSON GRAHAM Junior Sales Representative 308-398-8533 308-398-9533

Jackson  might be one of the nicest guys we've ever met. He's also arguably one of the best golfers in the office. Although he wasn't signed up for golf league last summer, he played for someone almost every week, sometimes multiple times a week and you never heard him complaining about it.  If you're looking for Jackson, you are also probably looking for Boone as they are more often than not, found bro-ing around together. Nothing like a good 'ol fashioned office bromance.  All jokes aside, we are confident that if you're in the market for a great friend (and sales rep) that Jackson is your guy. 

Most likely to tell you how it is. 

One thing GIX could do to make your day easier? 

More food days. 

The best part of waking up? 

Not being dead. Or coffee. 

If I left you alone in a room with a box of Oreos and told you not to eat them, how long would it take for you to disobey my wishes? 

Depends on the amount of time you left me in there; I wouldn't die of hunger, but I do not like Oreos or chocolate. 

Describe Mike Young in one word

Amiable, philosophical, practical- any of them work. 

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Pro golfer

If you weren't at GIX, what do you think you'd be doing right now? 

I have absolutely no idea, but I am happy and grateful I get to work at GIX. 

Caleb Lundgren Junior Sales Representative

Caleb has a long – running history with GIX Logistics. He completed his first internship with us in the summer of 2016, a senior internship with us during the summer of 2017, and joined our team full-time in January of 2018. I guess it’s fair to say that it was love at first sight when it came to Caleb and GIX’s relationship. He can do it all, from negotiating rates and booking carriers on loads, to now speaking with potential customers and showing the extent of customer service we provide to them. We used to joke that Caleb’s internship consisted of him playing endless games of ping-pong, but in all seriousness, we know he was soaking up every minute that he was in the office by listening and learning all that he could. He’s not only a rockstar sales rep, but he is also a rockstar GIX rep and we love having him on the front lines for our recruiting events when we can.


Pricing & Rating

ALVA TROYER Pricing/Bid Packages 308-398-8579 308-398-9579

Anthony graduated from the University of Nebraska at Kearney in December with a bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in management. He will be joining us as a full-time rating and pricing guy after he finishes his training. A few interesting things about Alva include that he was born in Indiana and was raised Amish. He has since made the transition out of the Amish lifestyle, but enjoys talking about his experiences. He popped the question to his girlfriend, Lynette, last summer and they will be married this coming summer. While his first name is Alva, he prefers to go by Anthony.

What do you think you’re most known around the office for?

Currently, probably Ping-Pong.

What was your first impression of GIX?

This could be interesting.

What’s one thing GIX could do to make your day easier?

Chips and queso bar.

How passionate are you about chicken nuggets?

Depends on what dipping sauces are present.

What’s your stance on cheesy bread?

I tend to eat it, not stand on it.

GIX is on fire, you can take one person with you, who do you take?

Nick, pricing sticks together.

PATRICIA KRAUSE Pricing Coordinator 308-398-8526 308-398-9526

Patty is a Chicago, IL native who went to college in Lincoln, NE at UNL, and then met GIX at the career fair and upon receiving a job offer from us decided to move to Grand Island, NE. Oh, I almost forgot, she is also planning on moving to Texas next year to help open and work in our second office. Ain't nothing holding this girl back! Most would say moving is a pain, but this girl has it down to an art form. She's the goofiest, strangest, and most awesome person and she fits right in on our Pricing and Rating team like no one else could. Really though, she is the only girl on the P&R team, so she adds a whole new element of fun and feminism. She also is quite the prankster and has already worked her pranking magic on Jarom by 'caging' his computer. If you don't know what this is, you can google it, but basically every time he clicked on anything on his computer Nicholas Cage would pop up. It was awesome. 

Most likely to wave awkwardly at anyone she makes eye contact with. 

What do you think you do at work? 

Business, business. Numbers, numbers. 

Favorite sports team & why? 

Chicago Bulls. Michael Jordan, need I say more? 

One thing GIX could do to make your day easier? 

Scheduled naps. 

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up? 

Oceanographer. I can't swim, so it didn't work out. 

Any weird obsessions? Collections? Weird Shoe size? Let your demons out...

I may or may not collect anything and everything Wizard of Oz. 

Who would you let punch you directly in the face in our office & why? 

Nick Wiemers. He has weak arms.