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If you’re looking for a corporate atmosphere requiring suits and ties, then you’re in the wrong place. We are sand volleyball players, gamers, competitors, market movers, problem solvers and freight slayers. Our teams work hard every day to exceed our goal of providing customers with the most seamless transportation experience possible. Our success is based on the willingness of our employees to roll up their sleeves and get down to business. We are constantly looking for solutions to our customer’s transportation problems. That being said, we also have a good time, laugh a lot, and we’ll reward you at the end of the day with crisp high-fives and beers.

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If you aren’t afraid of the word ‘no’ and love the idea of constant competition, Sales at GIX might be what you’re looking for. No experience in sales work? No problem. All of our sales reps complete 60-90 days of hands-on, real-time training that turns into constant coaching as they evolve in their role. Hard work, relationship building, and an open mind are required for this role.

What do you get when you pair a master negotiator with a relationship guru? You get a GIX Freight Manager. Our Freight Manager role pairs organized chaos with real-time problem solving in a fast-paced office environment. You’ll be working towards an individual goal as well as a team goal. We are big on goals around here, what’s yours??

Hard work, relationship building, and persistence are required for this role.

The middleman within the Middle-Man that is GIX, meet our Customer Service Team. CRA’s (Customer Relations: Appointments and Data Entry) have lightning fast keyboard skills and have a keen eye for attention to detail. Our CRM’s (Customer Relations Managers) become the main point of contact for our customers and ultimately handle the details that make a relationship successful. Individual and team goals are what motivates this group of individuals. Hard work, relationship building, and a ‘customer first’ mentality is required for this role.

Looking to test drive a career in the logistics and supply chain industry? A Freight Manager internship is for you. Hands-on, real-time learning kicks our internship off and to be honest, never truly ends. By the end of the internship, skills have been sharpened, new techniques have been gained, and an understanding of our industry has been accomplished. The goal is that you’ll never want to leave. Intern to Full-time employee is the dream! Hard work, a desire to learn, and teamwork is required for this role.

Ensuring that we are placing product on trucks that are who they say they are is vital to providing the best service. Enter our Carrier Set Up Managers. Being diligent with details and information keeps them busy all day long. Working under pressure doesn’t scare them and teamwork is what makes the dream work for this department. Carrier relationship development often starts with our Carrier Managers. Hard work, detail oriented, and attention to details is required for this role.

Calling all math-loving, data-analyzing, Excel guru’s attention to this one. Our pricing and rating coordinators are busy following market trends, paying attention to the seasonality of freight, and most importantly helping our sales reps provide the most competitive rate to customers. The most successful pricing and rating coordinators treat their day to day duties as a game and they want to win. Every. Single. Time.

Hard work, mental toughness, identifying trends and patterns are skills required for this role.

First things first, OS&D stands for Overages, Shortages, & Damages, meaning if a truck shows up with too much product, not enough product, or damaged product this is the person they are talking to in our office. Our OS&D coordinators have to pay great attention to detail and collect all of the required documents before they can submit a claim (if needed). They must know the ins and outs of how each customer handles such claims, because no customer is made alike. Hard work, detail oriented, and patient are a few traits we look for in our OS&D Coordinators.

We’ve all called in somewhere for help on something and received an automated system on the other end of the line. That is NOT what we want our customers or carriers to experience outside of regular business hours. Enter, Afterhours Support! This role was created with customer service in mind and to allow the office as a whole to have a better home-work life balance. If the typical 8am-5pm shift isn’t what you’re looking for, then our afterhours role is for you. Hard work, initiative, and confidence are a few traits we look for when hiring for this role.

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