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We accomplish outrageous things every day at GIX. Do you need to ship an over-dimensional, 286 foot concrete I-beam transnational? No worries, we’ve done it before and we’ve got a truck that can do it again. Are you trying to ship a multiple stop ice cream load in the middle of July? That’s just routine for us. We’re in the business of breaking records every day, setting industry standards, and making company history.

In 2011 our executives sat down together with one goal in mind—to be the best freight brokerage in the country. Our goal was not only to be the biggest, the coolest, or the most affordable option, but also to be the most dependable. By keeping these goals in mind, GIX has become one of the fastest growing third-party logistics companies in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing accountability to our customers and never handing freight back. We’re committed to covering every load we’ve committed to, regardless of the financial impact on the company. We wouldn’t be caught dead giving back freight.

As a company, we’re all individuals working together to be a part of one team, addicted to finding solutions for our customers. We cross job descriptions, team lines, and position roles in order to help each other out. We utilize a hands-on training program in a friendly work environment, where new graduates and young professionals can start their careers. We’d love to meet you and talk logistics (you know – because we’re into that type of thing) and challenge you to a game of ping pong.





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