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We attempt and accomplish outrageous things every day.  So much so, that those outrageous things have become our M.O.  A 286 foot concrete I-beam across the U.S.?  We gotta guy or two that can do that.  Cherries from coast to coast in a snow storm?  They need cherries in Boston year round, don't they?  Thirty truckloads of pizza the weekend of the Super Bowl?  Football fans gotta eat.  We can help them with their beverages and dessert too.

What allows us to do these things while others might be unable to?  Well, we live by a very specific set of rules.  Ten actually. All of those rules are supported by the most important one; doing what we say we will do.  It sounds simple because it is, but don't mistake simple for easy.  Thousands of our competitors struggle with the idea every day because of the impact that it could have on their bottom line.  GIX, while conscious of our vitality, worries more about making sure that a load is never given back, no matter the cost and that our carriers are fairly compensated when things don't go as planned.  We realize that everyone is a customer and consistent business from all parties only happens when you do what you say you'll do.

GIX Logistics, Inc
308 West 3rd Street
PO Box 1845
Grand Island, NE 68801-2122

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